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2014-12-27 09:02 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: I'm still around

There is no greater victory... than to fall from this world a free man.

The cap was made by Skein, from S03E10 (Victory) of Spartacus - War of the Damned.

This is another "Do not delete my journal, I'm still around"-post.

First posted May 27, 2013
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2014-02-23 10:06 pm

Guess who's still around?

 photo Xena-LucyLawless-1.jpg

After all these years, she's still the queen of my heart :D
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2012-12-27 10:32 am

Another "I'm still alive" post

Remembering one of my old loves.

And Happy Birthday to me :D
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2012-07-23 11:34 am
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Half of this beauty belonged to me for a while, once. Now he's all my sister's horse, but I'm still proud I helped her acquire him.
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2011-08-22 01:56 pm

Another "Don't delete my LJ" post

I'm still around, you know? Just not that often. So fingers off my LJ!

Jack and Stephen

Leaving this here for my own enjoyment :D
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2009-12-01 02:24 pm
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Robert Holdstock passes away

It makes me so incredibly sad! I love some of his books, most of his writing with a passion - now there will be no more of that.

A powerful voice is now silent.

Mythago Wood website
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2005-12-27 12:28 pm

Going quiet

As of Dec. 2005, this journal will be used for reading purposes only.